ENRES International has its roots firmly attached in academics. Therefore, we dedicated part of our resources to actively contribute to geoscience. This has led to a series of publicly available, peer reviewed, technical papers that can be viewed and downloaded here.

ENRES Stratigraphic Methods and Workflow Approaches in Subsurface Well Correlations
An open file report by ENRES International

Spectral Trend Attribute Analysis Applications in the Stratigraphic Analysis of Wireline Logs 
S. Djin Nio, Jan Brouwer, Mat De Jong and Alain Böhm
First Break, Volume 23 (2005), page 71-75

Subsurface Correlation of the Triassic of the UK Southern Central Graben New Look at an Old Problem
Mat De Jong, David Smith, S. Djin Nio and Nick Hardy
First Break, Volume 24 (2006), page 103-109

Subsurface Correlation in the Upper Carboniferous (Westphalian) of the Anglo-Dutch Basin Using Climate Stratigraphic Approach
Mat G.G. De Jong, S. Djin Nio, David G. Smith and Alain Böhm
First Break, Volume 25 (2007), page 49-59