“We received the same accurate stratification with CycloLog, which we received during time expensive conventional analysis”

– A petroleum consultant, Kazakhstan, October 2016


“In a structurally non-complex environment, and without having access to seismic but several deep exploration wells, the INPEFA helped to identify MRS’s, MFS’s and other basin-wide unconformities with high correlation potential and link them to regional stratigraphy.

In production geology, I often use PEFA to accurately define top and base gross reservoir and work out intra-reservoir unconformities for a better understanding of the internal reservoir architecture of producing fields.

The PEFA tool was quite supportive in operations while drilling horizontal wells by localizing penetrated faults along the well trajectory.

In a specific deep sea depositional environment the MESA function (maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis) assisted to distinguish whether reservoir sands were deposited either by turbidites or by contourites.”

– Dominik Weiel, Senior Geologist, Wintershall GmbH, December 2015


“CycloLog’s INPEFA analytical method enabled me to correlate over 110 relatively shallow (<350m) water bores in the Peel-Murray region of Western Australia where historically I was having difficulties.  The software was user friendly and the supporting documentation was great, making it quick and easy to learn how to use.”

– Andrew Jackson, MSc of Hydrogeology candidate at the University of Western Australia, Sepember 2015


“Cyclolog and in particular the INPEFA transform is an excellent tool for well correlation. In addition to the standard tools for correlation such as log shape, seismic or biostratigraphic data, it provides a better understanding of sequence boundaries from local, over regional to basin wide scale. INPEFA increased our confidence in the correlation and is easily understandable for colleagues and our customers. The INPEFA transform is particular powerful for internal reservoir correlation, thereby helping in establishing intra-reservoir depositional trends.”

– Petroleum Geologist at DPC-International GMBH, August 2015


“Cyclolog is an interesting application for all geoscientists dealing with cyclicity analysis and correlations. Through its unique analytical tools, Cyclolog is capable of providing essential input to the study of log data even in very challenging data sets. As such, running Cyclolog should be a routine work step in the study of data cyclicity and correlation approaches”

Karl Leyrer, Sequence Stratigraphy Specialist ADNOC & ADCO,  August 2015


“Cyclolog, INPEFA in particular, works very well with the seismic. Successfully integrating INPEFA curves with the seismic sections helps a lot for the seismic sequence stratigraphic interpretations. INPEFA shows trends enabling you to identify the transgressive/regressive cycles at seismic scale, particularly in areas where the quality of seismic is not the best or the seismic reflectors architecture does not allow a straightforward interpretation.”

– Senior Geophysicist, ADCO, August 2015


“The CycloLog method holds a lot of potential for analyzing sequences in detail”

– Senior Geologist, Maersk Oil and Gas AS, October 2014