Biostratigraphy and chemostratigraphy are not always available in well correlation projects, or do not always provide sufficient constraints. Consequently, correlations and stratigraphic models derived from them can remain uncertain. CycloLog® is well correlation software which:

  • Enhances interpretation methods. Interpretation with CycloLog® is faster and of higher accuracy owing to INPEFA®.
  • Gives reproducible results. Less time is spent on discussing correlations.
  • Is fast and versatile – INPEFA® can be applied on multiple well logs of any type and resolution, in just a few simple clicks.
  • Limits bias – INPEFA® calculation is data-driven thus unbiased when compared to model driven interpretation.
  • Has efficient workflows. CycloLog supports the workflow of petroleum geologists working with well logs.
  • Has a fast and informative log display. 
  • Allows for an in-depth analysis of your logs in relation to your established stratigraphic framework, using several functions.

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You can download the following documents by clicking on the appropriate link:

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Release Notes

CycloLog 2021 Release Notes

CycloLog 2019 Release Notes

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CycloLog 2015 Release Notes



There are different scenarios for installing CycloLog®. Therefore, different installers are available. Here you can select and download the installer appropriate for your organisation.


Single user, single device

This is the simplest situation, when you want to use CycloLog® on a single device, most commonly a workstation.

NEW  Download CycloLog 2021 CmAct

Download CycloLog 2019 CmAct


CmAct 1 User

Single user, multiple devices

This situation is suitable for geo-consultants, who travel with a laptop and use CycloLog® on several workstations.

NEW  Download CycloLog 2021 CmDongle

Download CycloLog 2019 CmDongle


CmDongle 1_user_mult_scaled

Multiple users

This option is ideal for corporate network deployments. CycloLog® can be installed as a service on the network, catering to multiple users and multiple devices.

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Download CycloLog 2019 CmDongle


 Download CycloLog Licensor for Windows


Please contact us if you are interested in CycloLog®.