News and Events

CycloLog 2021®

We are happy to announce the official release of CycloLog 2021! These latest upgrades provide improved user experience for your well correlations.

Details on CycloLog such downloads and release notes can be found on the CycloLog page.

CycloLog 2019®

We are happy to announce the new version of CycloLog 2019. There have been a lot of visible and invisible upgrades to improve the user experience. We would like to thank all CycloLog users for their feedback that allowed us to improve the software.

Details on CycloLog such downloads and release notes can be found on the CycloLog page.

CycloLog – User Group

We have started the CycloLog user Group as an additional method to announce news, new features, updates, but also to post helpfull tips that could be usefull to all users.

Technical Alliance PanTerra and Enres

As oil and gas exploration and production is moving towards more mature phases, innovative new concepts and tools are needed in petroleum geoscience. To meet these challenges and rapidly changing demands, PanTerra and ENRES International have joined forces to form a new TECHNICAL ALLIANCE.

The Alliance offers the industry a full integration of ENRES unique analytical software with the geological expertise of PanTerra.

The new Technical Alliance will be the platform to improve the further development of our software and a cost- and time-efficient product of our consulting services.

Djin Nio founder of ENRES International and Paul van der Vegt from PanTerra Geoconsultants are ready to assist you with any questions.

Email us at:

CycloLog 2016®

Finally, after hard work by our small team of programmers and geologists we are happy to announce the release of CycloLog® 2016. This version of CycloLog® not only includes improvements of existing functionalities but has interesting and very exciting new features, of which many have been developed after requests from our users.

Please check out this webpage for more information about CycloLog® 2016 software and its documentation (e.g., Release Notes and What’s New? ) or contact us at: